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Cody Lewis


Investment Advisor & CFO

Ph: 888.882.5394, Ext 706

Cody is a Suma Cum Laude graduate in Business Management and Real Estate from Florida State University. He worked in the Capitol Building in Tallahassee for Representative Adam Fetterman before going back to FSU for his MBA focusing on Finance.

Cody has been fortunate enough to meet with Warren Buffett at his headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Cody was greatly impressed by Mr. Buffett’s down to earth nature and life-long devotion to family businesses. Over lunch the two discussed the importance of lasting relationships in business.

Cody is the resident financial guru with the company offering financing options and advice involving loan structure to clients. He is also a graduate of the RMA School of Commercial Lending and Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Penn.

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