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RESIDENTIAL - T. C. Lewis & Co. manages residential properties ranging from single-family homes to large apartment complexes with proven strategies and systems that maximize our client's investment while preserving the integrity and condition of the property.


COMMERCIAL - The firm manages commercial properties ranging from standalone buildings to retail centers and large office buildings. We can provide as much or as little management services as needed for properties already represented by brokers for leasing services.

HOA MANAGEMENT - T. C. Lewis & Co. provides management for homeowner's associations, including dues collections, maintenance, groundskeeping, monthly reporting, bylaws compliance, and more. Extension 5


FACILITIES MAINTENANCE - The company also lends its award-winning services to clients in need of facilities maintenance. Typically clients are owner-occupied commercial properties, office towers, parks, and residences where leasing is unnecessary.


INVESTORS - We guide investors to both on and off market exclusive properties that fit the return on investment criteria set forth by our client. We can provide expertise on rent rates, potential rent rates with property upgrades, financing options, vacancy rates, acquisition strategies, and more. T. C. Lewis & Co. can also provide for construction and property management solutions once a deal closes.

BUYERS - In addition to our extensive exclusive database, we will use our multiple listings systems to provide you access to every available property in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. Our vibrant markets change daily. New information and ideas become available and are at our finger tips. We will update you and educate you on the latest market trends, reports, micro data and newly available properties and neighborhoods as they become available so that you can make the absolute best and most educated decision for your investment or your future home.



T. C. Lewis & Co. will first source all available comparable current, past, and future data in order to price the property most accurately and intelligently. The firm is first and foremost your marketing agent as much as your sales agent. And then we are unparalleled in our ability to know the local market and then market properties around the globe. There are five main areas of focus in our marketing strategy:

(1) Print, (2) Digital, (3) Public Relations, (4) Social Media, and (5) Word of Mouth


There isn't one that is more important than the other in our view, and when all are implemented with a cohesive branding of the properties that we're marketing, we cannot fail. Some of our exclusive advertising outlets are featured below...



T. C. Lewis & Co. provides for a reliable source for banks and attorneys (estate, divorce, etc) to send properties for management and/or divestment. We are seasoned in helping manage properties during probate and court proceedings until estates are settled. The firm can also provide divestment opportunities off market if a divorcing couple is looking for discretion during an already difficult time.

Banks also rely on T. C. Lewis & Co. for management and/or divestment of foreclosed properties - specifically banks without a dedicated troubled asset department. Banks will also try and get clients to us as soon as there is some mortgage payment issue dealing with an income-producing property, and we can often turn the property around and ensure mortgage payments.



T. C. Lewis & Co. has completed unique projects from renovations and new residential construction, to small commercial projects (including C-Stores with fuel) and full development projects from concept to completion. We can also assist with value-add recommendations on income-producing properties, provide site analysis, rent rate analysis, and lead the rent raise process to retain tenants at higher rates upon completion of renovations.


  • New development marketing plan, strategy, and packages

  • Market analysis and feasibility studies

  • Pre-development or investment advisory

  • Loan structure guidance

  • Broker price opinions

  • Professional network for real estate attorneys, closing companies, home inspectors, insurance professionals, and more.




T. C. Lewis & Co. has a fleet of heavy equipment and licensing for land clearing, earthmoving, utility installation, roads, and more. Contact the Excavation Division for more details at Extension 6 for TCL Enterprises.




​T. C. Lewis & Co. offers co-working space through a partnering company - Einstein Co-Working. Read more about short and long-term office spaces and conference rooms available in North Carolina and Tennessee at

Einstein (2)_edited.png

​T. C. Lewis & Co. has the ability to execute our clients transactions with complete discretion and with increased control over media exposure through the numerous media outlets with which we have personal relationships. We are accustomed to working with agents, lawyers, business managers, and security in a collaborative manner to ensure comprehensive representation and a smooth transaction. Further, our longstanding relationships within high-profile industries (professional athletes, entertainment figures, Fortune 500 executives, etc) allow us to effectively expose our listings to this niche market.

We provide discriminate buyers and potential tenants with access across most any border to high-end, residential and commercial properties for sale or lease. 

We schedule private tours of properties, often provide discovery trips to properties for a getaway that can provide a unique perspective, along with a full concierge service to set up travel arrangements and accompany you on your scouting trip. Contact 1.888.882.5394, extension 707




​T. C. Lewis & Co. offers self-storage management solutions for owners of management facilities in the Southeast. We implement and manage systems, processes, and technology to efficiently run storage facilities and maximize revenue.

Please visit for storage availability or phone 1.833.3BoatRV

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