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New Office Now Open for the T. C. Lewis Family of Companies

Asheville, North Carolina -- T. C. Lewis and Co. has now expanded into another new office - this one now open in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. This opening comes as more focus has been put on expanding the services of the firm in the greater Asheville area.

"This office is a more customer-facing property that has good visibility in downtown Asheville, as well as from I240. As we've looked to expand our offerings and footprint in the region, it has just become necessary," said Cory Lewis, President/CEO.

The office, located at 34 Orchard Street in downtown, is in a building originally constructed in the early 1900's that its sister company (TCL Enterprises) has been renovating since the property's acquisition in Fall of last year.

"We were looking for another project in downtown Asheville for a while, and this one checked all the boxes. The age and condition of the property in relation to the other properties on the street was something that really attracted us and is right in our wheelhouse. The building also deserved a new life, and we've been able to give it one," said Lewis. "The greenest building is the one that's already built. Tearing it down to build new has its place, but these resources have already been expended. So putting it in the landfill to build a 'certified green' building in its place makes no sense."

When asked about the impact that this project may have on the rest of the neighborhood, Lewis replied, "Like a lot of projects that we do, other property owners around us have started to work on new siding or roofs, fresh paint, landscaping - a variety of things. These other properties already looked pretty good, but when we renovate the worst place on the street, it usually leads others to make some improvement to their own in some way - it's contagious - and we really appreciate when it happens."

"Look, at the end of the day, there are a lot of big projects underway in downtown Asheville, and this one is pretty miniscule in comparison if you're just comparing another specific project and those dollars spent to this one. But when we do a project like this, us and those other property owners around it are all working in concert to make the whole neighborhood better whether we realize it or not," Lewis continued. "So the local economic impact is a lot greater than our one little project alone. We've created three new, certified living wage jobs at this new office, and the neighbors have all hired local people to work on their properties, too - not some big contractors from out of town. And the long-term impact is also important because we're potentially preserving this street from larger developers targeting it for teardown redevelopment for something like a new hotel."

T. C. Lewis and Co. is a real estate sales, management, and investment firm that has been actively and responsibly operating in the Southern Appalachian region since 2005. Cory Lewis, President/CEO, is originally from Sylva, North Carolina, just west of Asheville.

"My ties to Asheville and this region of the Appalachians goes back for generations, so I'm really happy that we're a little more engaged in the downtown Asheville area now."

The family of companies offering coverage of the greater Asheville area now includes T. C. Lewis and Co. Real Estate (sales and property management), TCL Maintenance and Remodeling, and TCL Enterprises (general contractor). Contact information and the details of service offerings can be found at the respective company websites or by clicking the links in this release.

At the time of this release, one suite remains available for lease at the 34 Orchard Street property. For inquiries, contact or (888) 882-5394, Ext 708.


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