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Studs Out Rural Renovation Project

Limestone, TN -- T. C. Lewis and Co. recently wrapped up a renovation project of a farmhouse originally built in the early 1940s. The project scope involved picking up where the previous owner had already completed extensive demo of the property.

"Basically, we came into the project with the demo done, which was great, and there were some new studs starting to go up inside," said Nick Kelly, Senior Sales and Leasing Advisor in the TriCities (TN/VA) region. "It really turned out to be a very nice property, and we were able to get a great tenant installed at a nice return on investment for our client really quickly."

The project involved a new layout and framing, electrical, heating and air system, plumbing, sheetrock, subflooring, flooring, stairs, interior and exterior doors, trim, spray foam insulation, siding, guttering, etc.

"The house is a lot larger than it might appear from the outside because it's pushing 3,000 square feet. It has four bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a big laundry room, a basement, garage, and a really deep front porch that's great for the style and location of the house," says Kelly. "Installing a big kitchen and three full bathrooms is a lot for an investment renovation project. The whole house is practically brand new at this point."

The property was renovated by the Construction and Remodeling Division (mostly with in-house staff) and leased by the Real Estate and Property Management Division of T. C. Lewis and Co. These services are offered throughout East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Southwest Virginia.

See more photos of the house below:


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