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Coronavirus Procedures and Protocol

For immediate release | Asheville, NC | T. C. Lewis & Co.

T. C. Lewis and Co. certainly doesn't want to overreact to the current situation of the worldwide pandemic of the Coronavirus. But we cannot deny the seriousness of the situation as it applies not only to the health of our staff and clients, but also to the economy. And we are implementing CDC recommended best practices and prevention protocol in dealing with the outbreak. Please read those at this link:

Please be aware that the technology and processes that our leadership has diligently been implementing over the last few years is working to our advantage at a time like this and will allow us to continue to conduct business for the most part without much interruption. These are some resources that you can use anywhere, anytime:

-Anyone will be able to reach us by phone during normal business hours.

-Tenants can reach us through the online tenant portal anytime.

-Prospective clients or tenants can search available properties in your region on our website:

-Tenant applications can be completed online, supporting docs can be emailed.

-Payments of any kind can be made online via credit card, debit card, bank draft, etc.

We encourage that ALL communications be made by phone, email, or the online portal and NOT in person.

We also ask that any tenant, client, prospective tenant or client, or any visitor exhibiting flu or Coronavirus symptoms NOT enter any of our office buildings or approach staff that may be at your property or complex. We will ask any staff or visitors to our buildings to please leave if any are exhibiting symptoms or develop symptoms. Staff exhibiting symptoms will be staying at home.

Please note that if you are a tenant and requesting maintenance by phone or the online portal, a representative will be contacting you with a very brief series of questions regarding any recent travel and the health of any persons at your property prior to dispatching maintenance personnel. T. C. Lewis & Co. is committed to providing our consistent high level of maintenance, and the answers to the questions will simply allow our staff to take extra precautions before entering the property if necessary. Please be patient and honest with your answers, as we want to be sure and do our part to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus to staff, other tenants, and especially to anyone that is older or has compromised health. If you have a compromised immune system and are concerned about maintenance repairing an issue in your home or place of business, we can make special arrangements if you notify us of your concerns.

Further, if you are a prospective tenant or buyer looking to view an available property as we resume showings on Monday, please understand that staff will be asking you the same series of questions as mentioned above prior to meeting you at a property. Please answer honestly, as we can make special arrangements for you to view properties even if you are exhibiting symptoms or have recently traveled internationally or on a cruise ship as long as we are informed.

We will continue to monitor all applicable updates, and you are invited to check the company website or social media pages if you would like updates as the situation progresses. Thank you, and please be vigilante about germs, not just for your sake, but for the sake of those more susceptible around you.


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