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Covid19 Helpful Links for Tenants, Landlords, Businesses, and more... #StopTheSpread

We are updating these links with all the latest information that we can get as often as possible. So, feel free to check back regularly. If you have specific questions, T. C. Lewis & Co. staff can help point you in the right direction, so please reach out if you have specific questions or concerns.

General unemployment information from the federal governemnt -

Tennessee Unemployment Filing - Now open to many more people than normal, including to self-employed people suffering because of the pandemic -

North Carolina Unemployment Filing - Also open and fast-tracked if you click "Covid19" as your reason for being unemployed.

TN Families First Program for Help -

Free Webinars for help in finding and applying for business funding and grants -

Small Business Administration Emergency Loan Information -

Small Business Administration Payroll Protection Program -

Cleaning and Disinfecting Tips for Covid19 -!%23.XnEn6UtsNhw.facebook

Entrepreneur Questions and Coping with Covid19 Fallout - Entrepreneurs Anonymous Podcast -

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